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Santra Group Ltd is a collection of companies that started as a small executive car fleet service in 2015. However, Santra operations have grown at a tremendous rate across different industries in a very short time. Today, we provide top-rated services and expertise in automotive, travel and tour, education, B2B trade, and construction sectors with a group of experienced and skilled workforce.

Our journey started by offering day trips and Scottish highland tours. But soon, we expanded our travel and tour operations to attractions all across the UK. From London to Glasgow and Belfast to Edinburgh, we started offering full-fledged tours that include accommodations, meals, and guide services. In 2017, we took our travel and tour operations internationally, including the rest of Europe and India. We also started facilitating Sikh pilgrims for visiting their holy sites in India and Pakistan at affordable rates with all the first-class touring services.

This year, we have ventured into many different industries through several subsidiaries. Santra Travel and Tour has now branched out into Santra Pro Safe, Santra Merchant, Santra Builder, Santra Academy, and Santra Cars. All these companies are spearheaded by the same dedicated lot of people who believe in offering top customer service. Today, Santra Group Ltd operates from its offices in the UK, Canada, India, and Dubai and strives to create a better world by promoting innovation and creativity and supporting young talent.


Our Mission

Our vision and mission are to provide exemplary consumer service to clients across the commercial spectrum and create opportunities for young talent for realizing its true potential. Santra Group strives to become a leading name in B2B trade, construction, real estate, and travel & tour sectors.

Our Affiliates

Santra Group Ltd has achieved resounding success in a very short period. Starting as a local tour operator in 2015, today, we are an assembly of eight subsidiaries offering customer-centric services in different sectors.